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Your comfort is our task

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Real estate agency Premium Estate works in the market of services under the motto: "Your comfort is our task". For us it's not just words, it is what we do every day.

Our employees constantly solve problems and difficulties that arise for developers and ordinary people in the process of working with real estate. We make the purchase/rental/management of the property so comfortable that the process itself is not visible.

We provide comfort for each party in the real estate industry:

- for developers-investors:

  • We will EXACTLY sell your object.
  • Sale of real estate in any convenient for you terms.
  • We can offer you a ready sales department.
  • Our analysts and marketers will be able to conduct the most effective advertising campaign.

- for clients:

  • We will accurately find the property according to your requests.
  • We EXACTLY will be able to sell and lease your property.
  • We will EXACTLY invest in the agreed time.
  • We EXACTLY save your time and nerves!

- for realtors:

  • Cooperation on the most favorable terms.
  • A unique program of distance learning.
  • Progressive and attractive system of motivation.
  • Innovative technologies.
Sell real estate
  1. For investors

    Special conditions

    For investors

    Are you a developer, an investor, or just think about how to invest money so that you do not burn out?

    Real Estate Agency «Premium Estate» knows how to properly sell.

    We can offer you a ready sales department that will accompany your facility to the buyer. Our analysts and marketers will be able to conduct an advertising campaign so that they are 100% interested in a potential client.

    Realtors will make sure that the possible buyer becomes real.

    In addition, during all stages of cooperation with you will work experienced lawyers of our company.

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  2. For clients

    Special conditions

    For clients

    Buying, renting a house, an apartment, a commercial property is a complex process that requires the possession of an appropriate stock of knowledge in order to have confidence in the correctness of all actions.

    Real estate agency «Premium Estate» does not just demonstrate the options, but also helps in obtaining the necessary documents, supports during negotiations, helps at every stage from the idea of buying / renting before signing the contract. You can count on the best legal services, consulting.

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  3. For rieltors

    Special conditions

    For rieltors

    Do you want to start making money by helping people? Or are you an experienced realtor? Do you want to improve in the profession?

    Real estate agency «Premium Estate» will help you with this.

    We have developed a unique program, both training and work. Restrictions in age, experience, field no. Only your desire to learn, work and earn.

    We will give you the opportunity to grow in the profession, give confidence in the future!

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Cooperation with PREMIUM ESTATE

The real estate agency provides a variety of services for its clients in the field of real estate. In the process of providing services, sometimes we use the services of other companies or advise customers of a good and reliable partner.

We are open for new contacts and proposals for cooperation, in order to fully provide a variety of services to our client.

Are you an appraiser, a notary, a lawyer with land law? Do you have a project in construction, and you do not know how to implement it? Call us on the contacts listed on the site.


Buying and selling your property at a stipulated terms


Protect yourself from the prolonged sale in a falling market


To get the maximum possible profit from the sale


The formation of the correct starting value of the property

Legal Support
Legal Support

Be confident of the legal security of the transaction


Save time and do not search for real estate yourself



LEAVE THE APPLICATION DIRECTLY NOW and our specialists will conduct absolutely free legal advice on the sale of your property

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Full cycle with PREMIUM ESTATE

Consulting services


Our team of professionals does not just show at home, but provides an opportunity to conduct any operations with real estate:

  • Help with Bureau of Technical Inventory: those passports, appraisers.
  • Land management services.
  • Support of transactions.
  • Any documentation on land and real estate.
  • Property management service.
Legal support


Real estate agency Premium Estate not only knows everything about property management, but also knows how to legally properly issue it. We provide:

  • A thorough legal analysis of the documentation.
  • Legal support at any stage.
  • Services of lawyers on sale and purchase of real estate.
  • For business entities - assistance in obtaining the necessary permits, licenses.
  • Representation of your interests before third parties.


The best professionals in the industry

Photo Maksym Stepanenko

Maksym Stepanenko

Partner. Legal Support

Photo Rostislav Kulish

Rostislav Kulish

Partner. Consulting Services

Scan review

Victor, the developer

We are very grateful to the real estate agency Premium Estate for the qualified persons in sales department. First of all, we sold it so quickly that we did not have time to advertise even. Now we sign contracts for the second and third turn. I wish you all good sales!

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Yuliya, rieltor

I express my gratitude to the real estate agency Premium Estate and Mary in particular for the opportunity to realize myself. I'm a young mother, and it is important for me to realize myself not only as a mother, but also as a professional.

The company gave me such opportunity, I work at a convenient pace for me and for a convenient schedule for me. Still be very happy with salary. I recommend Premium Estate to all who want to be realized themselves at 100%.

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Svetlana, 37 years old

Accrued with a family a certain amount for the purchase of our own housing. And as soon as we entered the internet for searches, it became scary. We must take into account so many nuances, and there was no time to descend. We turned to the agency "Premium Estate" and immediately felt the difference. Everything is fast, operatively, and most importantly - available. The hall process took 2 weeks and now we have only one problem: in what color better to paint the walls in the bedroom?!

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